WinX DVD Player

WinX DVD Player 5.6

WinX DVD Player is a simple yet fully-featured DVD player

There are quite a lot of DVD playing applications on the market nowadays. Every one of them tries to stand out from the crowd by providing special features or innovative interfaces. WinX DVD Player is not any different. It aspires to become the program of your choice, but I personally believe that it represents the best alternative only to those without enough time to search thoroughly.
It doesn’t provide any special features. It simply offers what any other DVD player does: playback controls, subtitle and audio track support, bookmarks. All in all, nothing but the usual stuff. The interface seems to me to be made in a hurry. I’ve also noticed some rather unexplainable visual glitches, like some shadows created by the floating watermark, but maybe it was just my system. Anyway, I’m not impressed. WinX DVD Player simply looks and feels too average to me. Not to mention there are only two skins for the interface: the default one and the grey one.
On the other hand, the fact that it can play any kind of DVDs, regardless of their region code, will surely please many of its users. It can open and play a large variety of video file formats, including AVI and MPEG.
In my opinion, WinX DVD Player is a good DVD player but not an excellent one. For the money it asks, it would have been nice if it offered something special.

Rory Shaffer
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Review summary


  • Can play any DVD, regardless of its region code
  • Lets you adjust various video parameters
  • Fair price


  • Only 2 interface skins
  • The interface looks unpolished
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